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Siddha Clinic In Chennai

Siddha medicine seems to be an ancient Indian traditional treatment method that originated in South India and can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization in the third millennium BCE or earlier. The method of this medicine is shown to have derived from Hindu God Shiva, who introduced it to his consort Parvati, as per ancient Siddha vaidyam literature. Nandi instructed nine Devtas about that after Parvati handed it over to him.
The majority of Siddha medical practitioners are typically trained, generally in families and under the guidance of gurus (teachers). When the guru teaches martial arts, he is referred to as an ashan.
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The Siddhars, according to legend, laid the groundwork for this method of medicine. Siddhars were ashta siddhis-wielding spiritual adepts. Nandhisar is known as the guru among all Siddhars and also the first siddha.
Siddha clinic in chennai

Siddha clinic in chennai

1. Concept of Disease and Cause

The disease occurs when the balance of the three humours – Vaadham, Pittham, and Kapam – is disrupted. Climatic conditions, physical activity, diet, and stress are thought to influence the whole equilibrium. The proportions of Vaadham, Pittham, and Kapam are 4:2:1 in normal circumstances.
Dietary habits and lifestyle, as per the Siddha medicine system, contribute significantly to health and disease cure. Pathiyam and apathiyam are terms used to describe the Siddha medicine principle, which is basically a rule-based system with a set of "do's and don'ts."

2. Siddha Treatment

Purgative therapy, Oleation therapy, Fasting therapy, Emetic therapy, Steam therapy, Physical therapy, Bloodletting therapy, Solar therapy, and Yoga therapy are some of the psychological treatments used in Siddha.

3. Herbalism

The Siddhars' herbal agents can be divided into three categories: thadhu (inorganic substances), thavaram (herbal product), and jangamam (animal products).
The thadhu agents have been further divided into uppu (water-soluble inorganic substances which release vapour when ignited), uparasam (equivalent to pashanam but has a different action), loham (not immersed in water but melts when ignited), pashanam (agents that are not dissolved in the water yet release vapour once ignited), rasam (soft substances), and ghandhagam (substances that tend to be insoluble in water).

4. Regulation

The Travancore-Cochin Medical Practitioners' Act of 1953 made it illegal to practise Siddha medicine and similar things of rural alternative medicine in India, and the Supreme Court of India upheld the prohibition in 2018, saying that "a number of unskilled, unqualified, untrained quacks are presenting a massive risk to the wider population and interfering with people's lives."
Registered health professionals must be educated at a recognised institution, register, and be included on a list of approved physician practitioners reports issued in The Gazette of India, according to the Act. Practitioners of Siddha medicine are not recognised on the Gazette list because they are not educated, certified, or licensed as qualified physicians.

5. Siddha System of Medicine

List of Siddha medicines and their uses in Siddha System of Medicine: Below mentioned in the List of Siddha medicines and their uses:

  • Kudineer: Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam is a typical Siddha remedy for treating common respiratory ailments including the flu and cold. Siddha vaidyam practitioners swear through this herbal concoction for relief of respiratory symptoms such as dry and wet cough, heavy phlegm, and fever.
  • Siddha Choornam: Choornam is a kind of internal medicine that could be used as a single or multi-herbal formulation. Throughout this case, a Siddha method poly-herbal formulation has been used to treat stress headaches (TTH).
  • Propitiatory Siddha Medicine

Varma Clinic In Chennai

Siddha clinic in chennai

Siddha clinic in chennai

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Neuro Treatments Using Varmakkalai

Most of us might be curious how a martial art Master is able to cure a neural disease, since this ancient science (Varmakkalai) requires the nuero-anatomical knowledge which is taught by Varmakkalai practitioners. Also there are no specific equipments available to identify and treat the neural diseases, which can be identified by an experienced Varmakkalai Aasaan or Master. We have treated several patients from various ailments, most of them have been handled by some of the leading medical institutions in India. We have cured numerous patients from chennai without any surgery.

Diagnosis in Varmakkalai

Diagnosis in Varmakkalai is not done with sophisticated medical equipments, just by touching some vital points of the body, which takes 20 minutes to analyze. For instance we will diagnose the actual disease, which are said to be normal in MRI & CT scan reports. There are certain cases where leading hospitals have said everything as normal, but the patient will still have the pain. We have diagnosed and cured those cases also.

Treatments Offered

  • Spinal Cord problems & Neural Disorders (Back & Neck Pain for example)
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Disc Prolepse
  • Lumbar Disc Bulging
  • Lumbar Disc Compression
  • Cerebrovascular diseases (Hypertension etc)
  • Insomnia (Chronic, Acute & Transient)
  • Kidney Stones
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory Diseases (Asthma, Sinusities, Breathing Difficulties, Lung infections)